About Us

Our Story

Her Lawyer is a law firm for ambitious women in business. We partner with female entrepreneurs and business owners across Australia to help them startprotect, and grow successful businesses.

With fixed fees, flexibility and incredible personal service, Her Lawyer is the best law firm for women who are looking for more than pages of jargon, hourly rates and off-the-shelf solutions from their lawyer.

Her Lawyer is powered by a team of experienced female lawyers. We’re passionate about amazing customer service and helping you build your business. Your success is our success!


Our Mission

At Her Lawyer, we want to be a specialist law firm for women in business. We’re inspired by passionate women who are forging their own path in the world of business. We want to be part of your journey to success. Forget what you know about typical lawyers, we are different! We provide affordable, user-friendly legal services that are specifically tailored to women. 

Our mission is to help you succeed in business by providing legal services in a way that is caring, transparent and flexible. We are women working for women, and we understand the unique challenges faced by women. We’re here to help you make owning your own business the dream career you’ve always wanted.

How We Do It Better

We Care. A lot. 

Relationships with our clients are our most treasured assets. We treat our clients with love and respect, always. 

Easy and stress-free. 

We use technology to come to you.  We know you’re busy, so we’ll work around your life with virtual meetings and easy, after hours appointments. We won’t drag you down to the office for meetings, and you’ll get what you need when YOU need it.


At the end of the day, law is about communication. We’ll always take the time to make sure you understand what’s happening and how it applies to your business. We write our legal documents in plain English, too!


Meet Our Team

Here are just a few of the people who make it all possible at Her Lawyer.




Courtney is a commercial lawyer with over a decade of experience in the legal industry. Before starting Her Lawyer in 2017,  she worked as both a lawyer and a consultant in top tier firms. Courtney is passionate about helping women in business and achieving gender equality. 




Jen is a dual qualified South African and Australian lawyer who followed her dream to move to Australia and live in beautiful Byron Bay. Jen spent her early career working and managing a strata law firm in South Africa, before spinning off a legaltech start up in the property arena.




Adrian is Courtney’s husband. He recently left behind the world of corporate Sales to join the team as head of Operations and Finance. Adrian brings over a decade of Account Management experience working in the telecommunications, ICT and construction sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are a law firm registered with the Law Society of NSW.

Forget what you know about lawyers and the legal profession! Our services have one clear purpose: helping ambitious women survive, thrive and grow in the modern age of business. You’ll never receive a stock standard fill-in-the-blank document from Her Lawyer because one size does not fit all.

We work collaboratively with you, applying a value-based method to deliver customised documents and legal advice according to your business needs. We are user-focused, creating documents that are inviting and that retain legal integrity without being long, boring and confusing.

Best of all – we’re a fixed fee law firm, meaning no hourly rates or 6-minute increments, no exceeded estimates and no surprise bills after a phone call!

Yes, we do. 

We give you options by prioritising your quote, because we know one size doesn’t fit all. We itemise your quote in order of importance, beginning with your high-risk needs, ensuring your business is protected and ready to thrive. This also gives you the option of selecting your must-haves — within your budget.

Also, we’re not a fan of sneaky surprises, so all our services have fixed fees. If you decide to add or remove a contract or agreement, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

We specialise in commercial legal services for businesses.

If your matter relates to other areas of the law such as criminal law, litigation or family law, we will be happy to recommend some other lawyers who specialise in these areas.

Our office is in Sydney (NSW) but we are a virtual firm and can service clients all over Australia. We use technology to come to you. 

With our major focus on flexibility and easy, stress-free service, we’ll work with you mostly via phone, email and videoconference. Our clients love this simple approach, which means we can work around your lifestyle and schedule.

Get in touch with Her Lawyer by visiting our Contact page. 

You can book a free 15-minute consultation using our handy online scheduler. We’ll use this call to get to know you and understand the unique requirements for your business. 

After the call, we’ll prepare a proposal with a quote for legal services. If you’re happy to proceed, you can sign and accept our proposal electronically, and then we’ll get started!

Unless otherwise agreed, we’ll invoice you as follows:

  • First draft document delivered – 50% total fee
  • First round revision (if we deem necessary) delivered – 20% total fee
  • Final draft delivered, or 30 days after last instructions received (whichever occurs first) – balance of total fee

We have adopted our staggered payment system to assist with cash flow management for you and us. 

Minor revisions beyond the final draft document requested within a reasonable time of delivery of the final draft will be done free of charge.

We accept payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

Are you a little on the fence about a virtual lawyer? That’s okay – for a lot of businesses, it’s a fairly new concept. So, let’s address the elephant in the room. Why virtual?  Like every industry, technology = innovation, even in the legal profession. Small businesses and start-ups often need legal advice, but can’t afford a lawyer.

Consider: meetings + phone calls + consultations + advice + contract and agreement creation + revisions + commercial office + legal secretary + everything else = $

As virtual lawyers, we have minimal overheads and embrace innovation to reduce costs for clients.

  • We love technology,
  • We love efficiency,
  • And above all, we love the law!

We’re always looking for proactive and creative solutions that support small businesses. And more than our affordability, it’s our human approach to the legal profession that makes us a trusted choice for customers.

Human first, virtual second, the lawyer always.

Of course! As proud feminists, we believe that men and women are equal – you’ll find no gender discrimination either way here. We welcome all clients and our products and services are perfect for any small business or startup.

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