What is a Trade Mark Search Report?

Before you submit an application to register a trade mark, it’s a good idea to conduct a detailed clearance search to make sure there are no similar marks which are already registered or pending.

You cannot register a trade mark which is ‘substantially identical to’ or ‘deceptively similar with’ another trade mark.

Our experienced intellectual property lawyers can produce a full availability search report so you can make an informed decision before proceeding with your trade mark application.

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Why should I conduct a Trade Mark search?

We don’t want you to waste your time and money! A trade mark search report can identify any potential issues before you file – the last thing you want is to pay for a trade mark application only for it to be rejected.

Our comprehensive Tactical Trade Marks report will provide you with a filing strategy for your trade mark so you can move forward with confidence. Searching is not as easy as it sounds, which is why it’s a good idea to engage a professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Trade Mark Search Report includes a strategic roadmap for registering your trade mark(s). It includes comprehensive clearance searches within Australia, plus consideration of expansion into one international jurisdiction. Our report includes a filing strategy and covers marks, classes of goods/services, timing, costs, potential issues, and our recommendations for how to proceed. Our goal is to give you the best chance of successfully registering your trade mark.

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