The number of lawyers hanging out their shingle in Australia has increased by more than 45 per cent in the past decade.
But critics argue there is still a lack of women in senior roles and a significant cultural shift is needed in the legal profession for gender equality to be truly achieved.
Women now outnumber men in the legal profession in all states and territories.
Courtney writes about cancel culture and the perils of social media and defamation laws.
Employment Law
Key terms you should look out for in an employment contract
Courtney writes about the toxic culture in the Australian political and justice systems
Commercial Leases
Key considerations before you sign up for a lease
Contracts, Intellectual Property
Everything you need to know about NDAs and protecting confidential business info.
Employment Law
Quick guide to the 10 National Employment Standards (NES) which apply to all employees in Australia under the Fair Work Act.
Employment Law
What are your employer responsibilities under WHS? One of your biggest responsibilities as an employer, or Person Conducting a Business Undertaking (PCBU), is providing a safe place of work for your employees. This duty doesn’t just extend to your employees and contractors, it’s a duty to make your place of business safe for anyone who enters […]
Consumer guarantees contained in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL)
Business Setup
Everything you need to know about the company business structure.
Business Setup
A quick guide to six key areas for every business owner.
Interview with Law Society Journal to discuss the impact of COVID19
Her Lawyer is the International Stevie Bronze Award Winner for Small Legal Company of the Year
Courtney was a guest on Episode 38 -Strong Determination
Q&A: Laying down the law for women
The Australian legal marketplace will never be the same again once the age of coronavirus has passed. This is, unquestionably, a good outcome.
The Centre for Legal Innovation announces its inaugural Innovation Incubator 2020 participants, including Her Lawyer!
Demanding better wellness practices post-pandemic
Courtney sat down to chat with her friend and colleague Jaya Lesley during COVID19.
The bright city lights and enviable corporate career aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, but instead of letting anxiety and depression get the better of her, inspiring business woman Courtney Bowie took her expertise as a corporate lawyer and set up
EP44: Your legal questions answered with Courtney Bowie of Her Lawyer
Interview with Law Society Journal to discuss COVID19, awards and a career in law.
Courtney sat down to chat with Anthill Magazine after being name a finalist in the Emerging Leader category of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.
Courtney sat down to chat with F Magazine after being named a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 in the Wellness Advocate category.
Courtney has been named winner of the Wellness category. Congratulations!
The latest economic stimulus measures introduced by the federal government should give boutique law firms reason to be optimistic, say three professionals.
Courtney announced winner of the Emerging Leader Award for NSW.
5am starts and pulling back on hours: On being a female business owner with caring responsibilities during COVID-19
The founder and CEO of Her Lawyer Pty Ltd, Courtney Bowie, has been named a finalist in the Emerging Leader category of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in New South Wales.
As accessibility becomes a key element in legal innovation, it is imperative we leverage new mediums to rethink the way we offer legal services, write Courtney Bowie and Isabel Mellor.
What is the COVIDSafe App? The latest weapon in the fight against COVID-19 is the government’s recently launched COVIDSafe App. The app is used to track the spread of the novel coronavirus known as COVID19 in Australia and works by keeping a digital record of who you’ve been in contact with. As this is a […]
With the widespread threat of COVID-19 mutating into a public health catastrophe globally, we’ve seen the government take steps to restrict our freedom of movement and our capacity to engage in trade and commerce, as well implementing directives that have inhibited our ability to offer our goods and services in the usual way. These new […]
The applications have begun flooding in for the $130 billion JobKeeper payment after the process began yesterday, but many business owners fear they’ve been locked out of the scheme.
Resolution123 founder Carly Stebbing says “both permanent and casual workers should be very open” to conversations with their employers over entitlements for paid and unpaid annual and sick leave amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
Special International Women’s Day interview and case study on gender discrimination at work Author: Courtney Bowie, founder and CEO of Her Lawyer, the law firm for ambitious women in business. Estimated reading time: 12 minutes   In the lead up to International Women’s Day, I’ve been racking my brain for something I can do that’s […]
Meet the women who’re championing, empowering and lifting up other women.
Courtney Bowie made the choice to leave her promising career at a mid-tier law firm after she was overcome by anxiety and depression that had manifested physically due to the high-stress work environment.
Experiencing life as a goat farmer and a restaurant dishwasher helped Courtney Bowie realise that a career in law as a female doesn’t have to be “soul-crushing”.
Business Setup
Starting and growing a business is hard work. Congratulations on your progress so far – you’ve done an amazing job! If you’re reading this Guide, you’re probably interested in how you can take the next step in your business and register your very own Company. Good news! We’re going to explain everything you need to […]
Ambitious women are arguably the best candidates for burnout. We want it ALL: a thriving and successful business a happy family life complete with a gorgeous husband and 2.5 well-behaved kids meaningful friendships a banging body the house the car a big social media following great sex life holidays to exotic locations hobbies spiritual fulfillment […]
Each month we feature one of our amazing clients on our blog. This month we’re proud to showcase Nicky McMillan   Tell us a bit about your business: I liken myself to a ‘people packager’ and ‘confidence cheerleader’ where I help business women/mumpreneurs feel confident within themselves as an image consultant, and connecting confidently with […]
Business Setup
Today there are an amazing number of software tools which can connect remote working teams and improve collaboration. In this article, we share with you some of the best technology we use every day here at Her Lawyer. There are many advantages to remote working, such as flexibility, increased productivity and work-life balance. However, there […]
Each month we feature one of our amazing clients on our blog. This month we're proud to showcase Hasara Lay from Catexplorer.
Business Setup
Her Lawyer founder Courtney Bowie describes her struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) while pregnant and running a business… 2019 is shaping up to be a big year here at Her Lawyer, and for more reasons than one. My husband and I are thrilled to be welcoming a baby boy in September! The last […]
How can you protect your small business? There are a number of easy steps that EVERY business owner should take when starting a business to help protect their business AND their personal assets. Often people are so busy worrying about sales, marketing and branding when they first start a business that they don’t stop to […]
Unlike most people who live the laptop lifestyle and are self-employed, I have this lifestyle and a boss. Not everyone who is interested in remote working wants to start their own business. I know I didn’t. Right now, I’m doing a big lap of Australia in a caravan with my husband and 2 pre-school aged […]
Each month we feature one amazing client on our blog. This month we’re proud to speak with Jessica Donovan, a naturopath for mums and kids. 5 Minutes With Jessica Donovan Tell us a bit about your business: At Natural Super Kids we empower busy mums to navigate the confusing world of nutrition and health so […]
Intellectual Property
You’ve done the right thing. You’ve spent the money and time getting your precious trade mark registered. And it’s a good thing you did, because some **insert expletive** is using it without your permission… Here are the steps you can take to enforce your trade mark rights: 1. Establish that there is an infringement Before […]
When Jen Clements landed her dream job at Her Lawyer, a virtual law firm servicing ambitious women in business, she had no idea that it would facilitate the packing of her family into a caravan and setting off to explore Australia for a year. Jen and her boss Courtney have never met in person. They […]
We’ve all heard of adverts getting banned, right? And we usually associate these bans with TV or radio ads. But what about social media? If you’re a business owner, you’re no doubt using these monstrous platforms to build and grow your business. But do you know the rules of the social media advertising game?   […]
Here is a quick guide to Rent-a-Chair arrangements for your salon. Essential reading for all you hairdressers, stylists and beauty therapists out there! You’re a salon owner. You want passive income (who doesn’t?!) and you have a spare chair. You’ve decided to get a freelancer in to fill the gap and line your pockets. Sounds […]
Intellectual Property
Property and product ownership has always been fairly simple. Anything tangible you build or buy belongs to you until you sell it or gave it away — unless it’s stolen, in which case the legal system comes into play in a very clear way. The intangible things like ideas, designs and characters aren’t so simple, […]
Intellectual Property
When it comes to Intellectual Property in Australia, there are plenty of “Philadelphia lawyers” out there. You know the ones – the know-it-alls posting in your local women in business group, your friend’s new smart-ass boyfriend who pipes up at every dinner party, your dad. With so many different (and loud!) opinions, it’s easy to […]
BAS time. That time that rolls around four times a year and makes us have a long hard look at ourselves. For some, there’s a big reality shock there at how little we’re actually profiting after tax and all the rest of it. If you’re thinking it’s all too hard and perhaps it’s time to […]
Intellectual Property
Copyright: the basics What is copyright? Copyright is a type of intellectual property. Copyright owners have exclusive rights to reproduce, publish and communicate their work to the public. Who gets a copyright? In most cases, the original author of the work gets the copyright. There are certain exceptions for employees, commissioned works and government contractors. […]
A simple guide to help you understand who needs website Terms of Use and a Disclaimer, what they actually do and why they’re worth the investment. Not to freak you out or anything, but if you have a website and you don’t have professionally prepared Terms of Use and/or a Disclaimer on there, you’re exposing […]
Tweak your business practices so you can get paid faster We all know that cash flow, or the lack thereof, is far-and-away the biggest killer of small business. Roughly 60% of Australian small businesses fold within the first 2 years due to cash flow problems. So, what can you do to make sure your business […]
Is your business a lawsuit waiting to happen? Do you ever lie awake at night worrying you’ve made a mistake or missed something that’s going to land you in litigation and bring your whole house of cards tumbling down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many business owners spend countless hours worrying whether they’re operating their […]
Business Setup
Franchising is now the most common way for Australian business owners to grow and expand their business. Australia is one of the most franchised countries in the world. If you’re thinking of franchising your business, read on to find out the major considerations before you start. What is franchising? Franchising is a way of growing […]
By now, you will have heard about the WannaCrypt “ransomware” cyber attack which swept the globe and took down international giants like Telefonica and FedEx. It was reported as one of the largest coordinated attacks to hit computers worldwide. No doubt you received some very sage advice at the time about updating old devices, upgrading […]
Women in business face a unique set of challenges. Juggling work life and motherhood, perceived obstacles to achieving success in a ‘man’s world’, not being taken as seriously by investors — just to name a few. But every day, millions of women put their noses to the grindstone and achieve amazing things. To make it […]
COURTNEY tried to keep up with the “work hard, play hard” mantra of her workplace, but before long she was ruined.

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